From the Biggest Foodie and Food Addict – If I Can Do It, So Can You! My Raw Vegan Journey

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For those of you who may not know my name is Nargis and I am a certified personal trainer and raw vegan. My raw vegan journey was not easy and took a lot of effort to get to where I am. However, I believe anyone can do a high or fully raw vegan diet if they put their minds to it and since I was a big food addict and the food was my drug of choice I believe I can vouch for that. I personally grew up on fried foods. I was fed mostly meats, fried foods, fast foods and rice. I didn’t even every try a mango until I started my raw vegan journey. Throughout most of my life, up until I discovered the benefits of a raw vegan diet, fruits and vegetables rarely made their way into my mouth. So I definitely lost my taste for fruits and vegetables. As well, food was and still is my drug of choice. Having addictive tendencies, food was definitely what I would turn to when I was bored, needed comfort, pleasure, and so on. So throughout my life food was definitely one of those things that I thought I needed to go on and survive.

Yet at the same time, I could never fully enjoy the cooked foods I was eating. Being conscious of my body size I would portion control and feel guilty for half of my meals. I would put up with being hungry sometimes and would work out for hours a day, only to stay the same size. I could not lose weight no matter how many hours I worked out. My body would just get extra hungry and I would eat it all back. I remember that losing weight while eating a cooked foods diet was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, but it never lasted that long. Now keeping a lean and trim figure on a raw vegan diet is almost effortless. I still work out, but not hours a day, which overworks your body.

So what I’m saying is that I understand how addictive comfort foods are. The reason I feel that I am successful so far is that I really focused on getting the raw vegan diet right. I focused on it with concentration and determination. I had to find other ways of dealing with emotions besides numbing and comforting myself with unhealthy foods. I had to reprogram the way I thought about food and what beliefs I held about them. I am still emotionally and physically detoxing and working through past, unresolved issue. I’ve had to develop strategies to overcome cravings and be aware of my body’s needs for food and nutrition. So, I’m not saying its easy, but it’s well worth it! When I eat raw vegan I feel like my life just keeps improving. I feel that eating raw vegan is the most productive and well worth it thing I’ve ever done for myself. I don’t ever regret a dime or minute spent on eating or investing in raw vegan foods. Since my journey began I look younger surprisingly, achieved my ideal weight, cleared my acne scars, cured my depression, have great energy levels, and just feel like a more awake and spiritually connected person. I feel like I have a more naturally positive mindset, which is not quick to judge but rather understands. I just feel elevated!