Raw Vegan Food As A Tool To Bring Back Health But Not To Maintain Health?

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The raw food diet has certainly proven itself to be a wonderful healing tool but the recent suggestions are that it is not meant for the long term. Sure, the body can rid itself of disease, bring itself back to balance, eliminate toxins and fat and see increased energy when given the right tools, one of the tools being raw plant foods.

Raw vegan food, preferably organic, is generally part of a very healthy diet. Since cooking often destroys nutrients and enzymes, consuming food in the raw state certainly makes sense. To suggest though that the raw meat-less diet is the most natural way to eat may be a bit far fetched.

When looking at indigenous cultures you will see very few if any that do not have meat and cooked foods in their diets. Some of these people live well over 100 years old when sticking to their natural diets. Even chimpanzees eat meat, insects and bee foods.

There is growing evidence with the frail hair, nails, thin frames and failing teeth that being on a 100% raw food diet for the long term might be a bad idea. It seems our bodies need more than what is provided by just a plant-based diet. This is coming as a shock to a lot of people in the raw food community.

It is worth saying though that the standard options for meat, fish, eggs and dairy available to most people are less than healthy. Most of the animals are toxic before they get to the plate. But more choices for traditionally raised animals are starting to present themselves as people become more conscious of what’s really in their food.

Now, for the short term, to cleanse and heal, some health experts are still recommending strictly plant-based foods. These plant-based foods would be ideal if they were forged from the wild or grown without pesticides. Also, consuming the plants in raw form and in liquid or smoothie form will help the body digest and assimilate them better and provide the body with less nutritional stress giving it everything it needs to detoxify and heal from a wide range of ailments.

However, the growing general consensus for long-term health is that a high amount of raw vegan foods would be ideal but also some clean fish, eggs, honey and meat added in the mix in order to saturate the body with the rest of the necessary nutrients needed to thrive, including DHA and B12.